She’s one of a kind. She stands out in a crowd. She knows that if what you want doesn’t exist you have to create it — both personally and professionally.

Disrupt, Evoke, Inspire!

When Monday morning rolls around, sometimes you just need a little inspiration with your coffee.  Drink from inspiration daily! Experience the essence! Live it, be it, wear it!

A Little Inspiration with Your Coffee...

Whether in Hollywood, Santa Fe, Miami, Milan, Paris, New York, London, Hong Kong, Abu Dhabi, Tokyo or WHEREVER — it can take a long time to be a success overnight! Celebrate the journey, even if you have to take the red-eye; and never, never, never give up!

Live It, Be It, Wear It!

I recently completed the five day, intensive neurofeedback program at Dave Asprey’s 40 Years of Zen company in Seattle, WA. The program was held in a lavish facility from around 9:00am-6:00pm each day, with spectacular, specialty meals provided. I would leave the facility to return to my beautiful hotel, The Cedarbrook Lodge, which is the recommended place for participants to stay during the program.

40 Years of Zen and More...

The good news is there are many sources available to us to lead a more conscious, healthy and happy, yes happy life. Few people have as pervasive an understanding of where we are as individuals and as a country in that endeavor than American pediatric endocrinologist Dr. Robert Lustig. 

Happiness Vs. Pleasure

— AND 13 Ways NOT to Forget!

There is ONLY ONE YOU! Let me say that a different way, you are the ONLY you! No one else on this gem of a rock in space can do what you came here to do, can express your uniqueness.

The ONE Essential Thing to Remember in Life...

. . . is not only because she CAN!

Among the very select group of people recognized by one name, Oprah is an anomaly among celebrities. Her name recognition is unrivaled, not just for its uniqueness, but primarily for her worldwide popularity.

O for POTUS!

You are a woman with a distinctive style — experience the essence! Live it, be it wear it!

Yoga, Workout or All About Town!

Her dream is to make a feature film that shifts humanity, positively impacting one billion plus people! She’s fascinated by our ability to create a “New Myth for Our Common Inheritance©” derived from wisdom, kindness, goodness, compassion and yes, love, by dreaming a new dream . . . She asks everyone she meets the same question, just like she’s asking you NOW — WHAT’S YOUR DREAM?

Shimmer, Shine, Illuminate!

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