As she hugs her grandmother tighter, Sarah’s attention is abruptly shifted, re-shaped, stretched, then pulled, sliding into awareness of another reality, another dimension, as she hears the Monitor speaking urgently, “She’s in trans-migrational flux, and bordering on hologrammatic shift-shock!©
“Tell the Holders to increase their focus immediately, and get some more bodies into the chamber to amplify the Field!  She’s shifted to maximum vestibulo-ocular reflex and is struggling to hold the frequency!  Watch for retinal slip and increased ocular micro-tremor - check the light-source frequency detector; and get me her light-to-frequency conversion points!!   Deepen your attention, Sarah, and we’ll try to stabilize the Field!”.
The Facilitators and Holders in the Void space assume a suitable form to assist the Monitor in stabilizing Sarah’s frequency adjustment.  From our observation point we view the Void space, which appears to be a dynamic vortex of energy with Sarah, or rather the light body of Sarah, floating horizontally right in the middle of it.  Her light body form is emitting beams like fiber optics, or rays, ending in energy charged plasma fields that are fluctuating in coalescence, obviously calibrating to take form.  There are already eight different optic rays with their respective ends, and a ninth ray forming which apparently is pulling energy from all the others.
The Monitor is viewing Sarah from a vantage point in the Void, in a parallel universe to Earth, residing in a “Now Moment Designation Coordinate” which is outside of time.  It is a world called Sanjeevani.  Though roughly equivalent in this moment to the earth year 3123, in the lunar calendar, 13th moon, full phase, 3rd day, this world has the capacity to float in and out of relevance to an earthly time construct.  It is able to appear and disappear at will within other dimensions.
The Monitor carefully observes Sarah, or rather Sarah’s heightened frequency, light-body form, in deeply altered, meditative state as she is creating alternate realities with her consciousness, and attempting to coalesce them into form as new worlds.  Sarah has already generated eight distinct life-stream bands, the maximum any Key Holder or Singer has ever been able to hold in place at once; but no one has been able to lock a world into form since the original Singer manifested Sanjeevani!  Now Sarah is generating a ninth World, and it is locking into place!  She is dreaming Shambhala.©

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